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Walk across Trift Bridge, Switzerland

Spanning Triftsee, a lake formed from the melting adjacent glacier in 2002, the Trift Bridge is the longest pedestrian only suspension bridge in the Alps. The bridge, which spans 170 meters at 100 meters elevation above the lake, was built in 2009 to provide a viewing platform over the newly formed lake toward the Trift Glacier. The bridge, one of the most spectacular suspension bridges in the world, is accessible via aerial cable car or after a nearly 2 hour hike from the base camp. Dependent upon the weather, the most likely opportunities for the bridge to be crossed are between June and October each year. The largest city nearby, Gadmen, Switzerland is at the center of a region that attracts visitors from throughout the world interested in hiking, motor bike touring, cave and grotto exploration and paragliding during summer months while winter sports enthusiasts frequent the area during the appropriate seasons to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. Gadmen is located in the Interlaken-Oberhasli administrative district, connected by train to the larger Swiss cities of Bern, Thun and Spiez. Your dream trip to Switzerland may be made even more special by including a Walk Across The Trift Bridge in your itinerary. Include this trek to traverse one of the youngest lakes on the planet from 100 meters above on your list to insure a memorable visit to this part of the Swiss Alps.
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