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Visit Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is the capital and largest city in Kenya. The city is relatively young, having been established only at the very end of the 19th century. It is the most populous city in East Africa with more than 3 million inhabitants and leveraged its roots as a center for the coffee, tea and rope industry by transforming itself into the regional headquarters for a number of large, multi-national corporations. Nairobi is a modern city with skyscrapers and an excellent road system. The city is cosmopolitan and multicultural. Attractions in and around the city include The Nairobi National Museum with a large collection of artifacts related to Kenya’s rich history and an exhibit to early man, including the full remains of a homo erectus. The Karen Blixen Museum (Karen of “Out of Africa” fame) provides for a perspective of the colonial days of Kenya. Uhuru Gardens is a large memorial park and national monument where the flag of an independent Kenya was first raised. The Nairobi National Park borders the city and is home to lions, black rhinos, zebras, wildebeest, giraffes and other wild animals along with over 400 bird species. The park offers the Nairobi Safari Walk which affords an up close and personal experience with the animals. Nairobi is known as “The Safari Capital of the World”. The city is the base of operation for many of the safari operators providing excursions for big game hunting and photography. The city also has a vibrant night life with dance clubs and excellent restaurants. Top qualify hotels abound. Adding a trip to Nairobi, Kenya to your list may just help you fulfill your dream of stalking big game in the jungles of Africa with the ability to retreat to a modern, vibrant city.
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