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Visit Fez (Fes), Morocco (UNESCO sites)

The City of Fez (sometimes “Fes”) is at the center of Morocco’s history and traditions. It is thought to have been the first capitol city of Morocco with its roots planted in the 9th century, AD. Fez has a rich history with much of the city as it was in the Middle Ages yet with modern hotels and a reliable water supply. Fez was once considered the center of education from Europe to West Africa and is home to what is believed to be the world’s oldest institution of higher learning, Karaouine University, established soon after the city of Fez. Throughout time, Fez has been periodically under the control of foreign governments, most recently the French, with the city’s inhabitants speaking a mixture of French and Arabic. Visitors to this ancient medieval city find the landmarks and historical buildings alluring. Among the favorite places to tour is the ancient walled city of Fes El-Bali (or “Old Fes”) and its largest car-free urban area in the world. The “Medina” or old town as it translates encompasses ancient schools, mosques, art museums, the tomb of an Islamic Saint, tanneries and souks of historical significance. A visit to Dar Batha Museum will allow for inspection of displays of Moroccan arts and crafts and a beautiful garden. The fortification walls of the city also command the attention of visitors as they date back to the 11th to 13th centuries. The most beautiful minaret in Fez may be found at Cherableeyeen Mosque, built in the 14th century. Jewish culture has a large part in the history of Fez and a recently restored 17th century Synagogue, Ibn Danan, is an interesting, historically significant site. The Fez Festival of Sacred Music is held every June and is heavily attended. A daytrip to the beautiful Berber Mountain town of Azrou is another favorite of visitors to this part of Morocco. The journey provides spectacular views and the town is a great place to buy carpets or to find excellent restaurants. Nearby are cedar forests where you can observe Barbary Apes. There is a hot springs and luxury spa 20 km from Fez at Moulay Yacoub and the best preserved Roman site in Morocco is found at Volubilis, just outside the city. Your dream list may not be complete until you add a visit to the ancient city of Fez in the Kingdom of Morocco. Touring this vibrant, fascinating city in the North of Africa can provide an excellent way to examine the culture and religious history of this important part of the world. Start planning your trip today.
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