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Swim with Dolphins in the Wild

Swimming with Dolphins in their natural environments has been reported as creating a nirvana-like state in those lucky enough to have had the experience. Reports of deep relaxation, euphoria and bliss are not uncommon. Dolphins emit a series of clicks and whistles which we humans identify as high frequency sonar which some scientists equate as the source of those feelings. No matter the reason, spending time with these gentle, elegant creatures in their home can be life changing and creates unforgettable memories. Dolphins are wild animals and as such don’t conform to tour guide schedules and afternoon appointments with a masseuse. Nonetheless, their appearance and behavior is sometimes predictable and a number of locations around the world offer the real opportunity for humans to interact with the ocean bound acrobats. We’ve identified a few places scattered around our planet where these encounters are entirely achievable. We’re not talking about getting into a pen at a marine park, petting Flipper or waiting your turn at a hotel aquarium but literally swimming with the highly intelligent dolphins in the wild while they spin, jump and play in the boundless ocean seemingly in concert with their human visitors. Locations known to provide opportunities across the globe for these encounters include: Bay of Islands, New Zealand Akaroa, New Zealand Kaikoura, New Zealand Sataya (the Dolphin Reef), Red Sea, Egypt Bimini and Nassau, Bahamas Bahia De Los Angeles (L.A. Bay), Baja Mexico, Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, USA Pico Island, Azores Rockingham, Australia Tangalooma, Australia Your pursuit of a dream fulfilling adventure may take you very near one or all of these locations. Other locations that you or another dreamer may identify may also offer the potential for interacting with Dolphins in their native habitat. Add the pursuit of this adventure and start planning how you can check this thrilling experience off your list.
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