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May 8

Ride Rosarito-Ensenada Fun Bike Ride, Baja, Mexico

The Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride twice a year in May and September, is a "fun ride" 50 miles (82.5 kms) along the Pacific Coast and inland through rural countryside from Rosarito Beach to Ensenada, plus a Finish Line Fiesta on the Ensenada waterfront with food, drinks and live music until sunset. The route of 82.5 kilometers is completely paved, during the first 35.4 kilometers, you will be on side of the ocean through charming towns along the coast, this first part of the road is primarily flat with some hills. After you venture inside to the east by 3.2 kms you will find a slope of 3.2 km in length and 7.5 degree incline, use a lower gear so you can get to the top by bike, but keep in mind that you can also walk like other participants, this is the perfect place to get off your bike and walk, giving your legs a good rest and mentally prepare yourself for the second part of the bike ride. When finishing going up the hill you will find the Registration Checkpoint, signs indicate that cyclists should make a line, make sure you have your number visible so it can be seen by the event staff as you approach. Cyclists who do not have their registration number must stop at this point and pay their ticket + 100 PESOS for Late payment to continue after this point. Once at the top, the second part of the route starts, you will cross a plateau of 13 km where you will find beautiful scenery, hills with flat and long straight road between grassland mustard colored. One kilometer ahead you will find “La Mission” and the second water station, in this part of the route you are in a rural area at 243.8 meters above sea level, keep going while enjoying the scenery for 12 km to reach “El Tigre,” here you will find the third water station. Now get ready for the third part of the route which starts with a fall of 13 km going down the hill that takes you back to the ocean. Have fun but please keep full control. On the south side of “El Tigre” you will find closed and dangerous curves, please keep a safe speed. At the end of this section you will find the last water station located 1.6 km before the junction with the highway where vehicles are restricted to the left lane and cyclists to the right for the rest of the route. The last 16 kilometers are flat and will ride along by the sea, so we recommend you to relax, get into the city enjoying the reception of the spectators that encourage you to reach the finish line where you are expected to enjoy a big “Fiesta”. The official mark of 50 miles (80 km) is just before entering the city of Ensenada, at the rest area known as "The Mosquito". Rosarito Ensenada began in 1979. The Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride is a route classified as "Moderate Difficulty" by BRDAA, the Bike Ride Directors Association of America. So before you participate you must be physically fit, have enough experience and training for the event. The Bike Ride must be completed from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Federal Police will assist us in controlling the vehicles traffic within this schedule, to enjoy a safe and fun bike ride until the end of the event. Have the support and safety during the bike ride event, you must stop at the water stations before they are closed. Avid cyclists complete the full bike ride in 2.5 hours and casual cyclists have an average of 4 hours. More information at
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