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Watch The Pasta Making 101 Video, Little Italy, San Diego, California

In case you didn’t know, pasta is a big deal for Italians. The biggest pasta-makers in Italy are always competing against one another, trying to see who can come up with the next best shape. For over 35 years, Assenti’s has been providing Little Italy with the highest quality of fresh pasta. When they first started out, Adriana and her sons used to make all the pasta by hand. Today, in order to meet the high demand, the shop uses top-of-the-line machinery imported from Northern Italy. During production time, Assenti’s looks like a super-sized Play-Doh factory. There’re different machines for different kinds of pastas. A laminator makes flat pasta. The machine feeds you tons of flattened dough, which you gather into a roll and then cut into shapes, like sheets of lasagna, for example. Ta-dah! Extruders are more versatile. They can make round shapes, like spaghetti and angel hair, or hollow shapes, like penne and macaroni, and much more. Finally, there’re tortellini machines. These machines go one step beyond the process, and actually stuff pasta with meat. Pretty cool, huh? So, why all the different pasta shapes? The answer lies in the sauce. You know how some colors don’t go well with others? It’s the same with pasta and sauce. Some pasta shapes just don’t blend well with certain sauces. For example, you wouldn’t blend Alfredo sauce with angel hair pasta. Why? Because Alfredo is too dense for angel hair. That’s why spaghetti is so famous: its medium density can hold any type of sauce. Now that you took pasta-making 101, go out and eat pasta…with the right sauce. Arrivederci!
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