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Visit Cappadocia & Göreme National Park, Turkey (UNESCO site)

Fossilized relics of a village that was part of the Byzantine Empire as long ago as the 4th century can be seen in Cappadocia, Turkey at the Goreme National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The windswept remains of the towering spires, convents, churches, pillars and dwellings blend into the landscape and natural outcroppings of surreal fairy chimney rock formations. Ancient civilizations carved homes out of the rocks and accommodations in the area include guesthouses fashioned from the soft stone to create “sleeping caves”. Goreme National Park is easily found on the main Ankara-Adana highway among others. Buses from Istanbul are regularly scheduled and airports are found in relatively nearby Kayseri and Neveshir. Walking around town and the National Park is the primary method of touring. In addition to the natural wonders, there is an open air museum, several hiking trails and a wide selection of traditional kebab and pide eating places. There are several bars and clubs in Goreme along with a good selection of hotels, hostels and guest houses, some of which offer the “sleeping caves” as an option. Include an excursion to Explore Goreme National Park Rock Sites in Cappadocia during your dream trip to Turkey. Including this UNESCO World Heritage Site on your list will allow you to see some of the most unusual natural rock formations on the planet along with the relics of ancient civilizations, truly a memorable experience.
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