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Hike or Mountain Bike Carrizo Gorge Railway (Goat Canyon), California

Hike or mountain bike down the Carrizo Gorge Railway tracks and tunnels. It's almost 7 miles one-way from Carrizo Gorge Road to Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge. At the time it was built the Carrizo Gorge Railroad in Anza Borrego was called the "impossible railroad" due to the fact that it required the construction of tunnels and numerous trestles to negotiate the foreboding terrain. It was completed in 1919. Carrizo Gorge Railway has an eleven-mile stretch of the railroad the follows Carrizo Gorge between Jacumba and the desert floor near Ocotillo. There are 16 major tunnels and 21 trestles including the one across Goat Canyon. The Carrizo Gorge Railway is still an sometimes active railway based out of Campo (although currently runs a short section for tourist use), has a dedicated railway police department and has been known to cite people. See However a significant portion of Carrizo Gorge between I-8 outside of Jacumba and Dos Cabeza has been out of service for years and not sure when it might open again. Be careful on the tracks since there are plans to reopen the line. WARNING: Technically it is illegal to trespass on the railroad Right of Way, and there are rumors that they are prosecuting trespassers. Officially hikers and bikers should not get closer than 100 feet of the tracks, especially around the tunnels. The Carrizo Gorge Railway Trestle Bridge is located in Goat Canyon in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California. As of MARCH 2015: some attempts at using the railway for tourism between 2008 and MARCH 2015, but the railway is still out of service and there is even some abandoned cars on the tracks. This area is desert so the best hiking times are in the cool seasons.
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