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Drive Autobahn 81 (A81) from Gottmadingen to Weinsberg, Germany

195 kilometers of open highway with no speed limit through farms, vineyards, the Black Forest and medieval villages, the A81 highway just north of Stuttgart, Germany is what the Autobahn is supposed to represent: an open highway that provides pedal-to-the-metal excitement. Germany’s highway system maintains the reputation of limitless speed but in reality much of the Autobahn is congested and subject to constant stops and starts as the well maintained roads wind their way through built up areas with speed control limits providing few real opportunities for red lining. This expanse of the highway system between Gottmadingen and Weinsberg is a place where drivers with the need for speed can quench that thirst on a public road for a significant unimpeded distance. Strict observation of the rules of the road are mandatory and those wishing to jump into the fast lane to test the limits of their vehicle best familiarize themselves with the customs and regulations so as not to draw the wrath of a Swiss driver powering his V-12 Mercedes Benz that perceives an interloper is blocking his path. If you dream of limitless speed in an automobile without fear of a citation by the local police then making the trip on the A81 Autobahn from Gottmadingen to Weinsberg, Germany belongs on your list. Consider hiring a high-performance German automobile for the day (or your entire visit to Germany) to insure this thrill of a lifetime is fulfilled. Start shopping for your driving gloves today.
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