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Dive or Snorkel with Manta Rays off Kona Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

Occasionally man and nature interact in a way that creates opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. On the Big Island of Hawaii’s Kona Coast hotels shine flood lights on the water after sunset to the delight of their guests. Over the years these lights have attracted schools of plankton which in turn have beckoned giant Manta Rays (in a natural complement to the food chain) that think of the microscopic plankton as a delicacy. Divers have discovered the phenomena and armed with lights of their own, are able to observe the gentle giants feeding in the artificial light against the background of darkness creating an unforgettable experience. The guided dives accommodate snorkelers as well as those equipped with SCUBA. The SCUBA divers assume a position near the sandy bottom and shine their individual torches upwards while the snorkelers shine their lights down in cooperative harmony. In addition to the massive Mantas the lights attract scores of tropical fish, including parrot fish, needle fish, puffer fish and eels making the time in the water well spent while waiting for the Mantas to arrive. When Rays do appear they twist and glide among the assembled divers chasing their favorite feast, defying logic, while displaying their unbelievable gracefulness accenting a 12 foot wingspan. Some of the regular Rays to appear in Kealakekua Bay have been named by the guides as they are identifiable from distinctive markings. Kona is well known for it's manta ray night dives, but there are also specific locations where the rays congregate during the day. When you make that dream trip to the Big Island of Hawaii you have been planning don’t forget to include a dive trip to mingle with the Manta Rays in Kealakekua Bay. You will be happy you added this dream to your list.
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