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Run a Half Marathon

13.1 miles or 21 kilometers, no matter how you measure it the dream of running and finishing a half-marathon is a challenge that might just belong on your list. The world record for men is under an hour and for women, just over, but most recreational runners are thrilled to complete the course in 2 to 4 hours, depending on age, background and physical ability. Half Marathon races are staged at thousands of locations around the globe with many held in concert with some of the most famous full Marathon competitions. Preparing yourself to run in a race of this length involves planning and most running coaches suggest a 12 week program of progressively longer training runs leading up to the big day as a recommended way to make sure you are ready for the starting line. The races typically attract thousands of participants and the largest race currently staged, in Gothenburg, Sweden, sees nearly 60,000 runners at the starting line with 43,000 finishers. Consider adding the dream to Run in a Half Marathon to your list, pick out the course that might dovetail into one of your travel dreams and start training for the thrilling experience today. Once you complete this dream you might just decide to add the full 26 mile race to your list.
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