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Bungee Jump Verzasca Dam (Contra Dam), Switzerland

James Bond Bungeed from the wall at Verzasca Dam in the movie Goldeneye and you can make this famous jump too. 220 meters above the jade green River Verzasca in the Italian influenced city of Ticino Switzerland, this top of the wall jump offers 7.5 seconds of free fall before the rebound begins. This jump is considered the second highest in the world from a fixed floor with all the exhilaration thrill seekers can handle. The dam forms the scenic Lago Vorgono on the side opposite the jump. Bungee Jumping from the wall was also featured in the American reality television show “The Amazing Race”. Nearby is the town of Locarno, the sunniest city in Switzerland with regular bus service to the valley where the dam is located. The River Verzasca is considered an excellent place for freshwater diving and hiking in the mountains and valleys nearby is another form of recreation enjoyed by visitors to this beautiful Swiss valley. Your dream of replicating the exact jump judged the “Best Movie Stunt of All Time” can be fulfilled by putting a trip to Locarno, Switzerland and its scenic Val Verzasca on your list. Check out the scene in the movie to put you in the appropriate mood to start planning this adventure.
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