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Take The Bambino Tour: Catalog Houses, Little Italy, San Diego, California

Hey, amico, have you ever built a mountain out of mashed potatoes? Si? How about a wall out of Legos? Che Fico-How Cool! (What does Che Fico mean?) Cool! Well, take a look at the yellow house right here on India Street.Do you think you could build that with just a pile of wood and nails? Well, many people here in Little Italy did. You see, in the early 1900s, you could just order a house from a catalog and it would come in the mail as boxes of wood, nails and other things you might need. Putting it all together and having it stay that way was up to you. What is a catalog? A catalog was sort of like Amazon, but instead of a website, catalogs were large books containing pictures and prices of things you could order and have shipped to you. You could find everything from clothes to toys and, yes, even a house! While this yellow house probably wasn’t ordered from a catalog, some of the other houses in the neighborhood were. As you walk around, see if you can guess which ones they are. See you at the next stop!
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