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Welcome Dreamers!

Congratulations for finding our website. You are about to embark upon a fascinating, unique and worthy experience. We all have our lists of "must-see" destinations and adventures; goals that we deem important to achieve and challenges we would love to meet head-on. These destinations, adventures, goals and challenges comprise each of our life’s Bucket List and for most of us they exist only in our minds or, at best, scribbled on a piece of notebook paper.

I started to realize the importance of mapping out the contents of my personal bucket list while attending college in the 1980’s. I purchased a map of the world and a jar of different colored pushpins. I started “pinning” locations I had been lucky enough to visit on the map I hung in my apartment. Some years later, after I met my wife, we proudly displayed the map in our home, clearly indicating the places we hoped to explore in the future, places we had been on our own and the places we enjoyed together. We used different colored pins to connote different meanings. The visual display constantly inspires us (and visitors to our home) to find even more locations and adventures to experience first-hand. With my background in website development it started to become obvious to me that I wanted to create a place in cyberspace where we could efficiently share information about our life’s adventures with our friends and also learn from their experiences. We wanted a tool to help us collect and refine our travel and adventure dreams, learn more about the chosen destinations and the important things we could do there, and then, create a way to turn those dreams into reality. Those are the concepts that lead me to create TripBucket.

We all have goals that include travel and adventure, hopes and dreams. TripBucket’s mission is to provide the optimum platform to assist with the completion of your personal bucket list and help create memories that will last your lifetime while allowing you to share your experiences with others. We believe TripBucket is just the tool that will help you dream it, plan it, do it, and share it.

dream it

Do you dream of travelling to exotic or historic locales? Do your fantasies have you participating in extreme sports, visiting world class gardens, undertaking unique adventures, attending iconic events or pursuing accomplishments that exist on your personal bucket list? Your dreams might be vivid and detailed or vague and undefined – regardless, TripBucket can help you take them from dream to reality. Just start by exploring the over 2,500 dreams we have already listed. Besides all the world’s great cities, historic sites and famous attractions we have something for everyone from Running with the Bulls, Driving a Formula One Race Car and Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls to many UNESCO World Heritage sites along with self-fulfillment dreams such as Completing a Marathon and to Volunteer at a Big Cat Reserve. But if by chance you can't find your dream? No worries. Just create your own using our exclusive Dream Wizard.

plan it

TripBucket is the all-in-one tool you need to help you plan your dream trip, accomplishment or adventure. In addition to specific dream facts, you will also find information about activities, nearby sites, alternative adventures and motivational stories you may want to include as part of your unique experience. Throughout TripBucket you will find reviews, vendor discounts, traveler advice, easy to use booking services, relevant articles and much, much more to make planning the realization of your dreams a snap. Who knew planning could be so much fun and so easy?!

do it

You've dreamed it, planned it, and now you get to do it! TripBucket helped you get to this point with careful planning and we will continue our support once you begin the fulfillment of your dreams. Whether you are looking to find the local's favorite dining spot, searching for the most scenic route to your next destination or a way to pursue another of your passions, the TripBucket community exists to help you. Anywhere you can access the Internet you will be able to visit our blogs, read other Dreamer’s reviews, meet up with like-minded travelers, find the best places to eat or drink and discover new experiences all the while living one of your dreams.

share it

OK-you have been there, done that; now share the experience! Your friends and family (and thousands of other Dreamers) are just waiting to learn all about your travels and adventures. You don’t have to wait until you return to access your TripBucket account to upload photos and videos taken during your dream accomplishment, adventure or trip. You can add tips for other Dreamers along with some of your favorite experiences right to your dream in TripBucket. Perhaps you had an exceptional guide when you toured Machu Picchu or an amazing meal in Brussels; your fellow Dreamers will want to know all about that. Plus, adding this information to your TripBucket account while it’s still fresh in your mind will help you recapture the dream at a later time.

We designed TripBucket to help you complete those important items on your personal bucket list. Only through your participation and feedback will we know if we are doing our job. If there are things we could do better or additional features you would like to see please let us know.

Pleasant Dreams!
Clay Shinn
Chief Dreamer